What The Blue Wave Is Doing

“Men should not be lulled into the false sense that they are not susceptable to breast cancer and that it only affects women. If not for my wifes insistance, over 8 years ago, that I have a small lump on my chest examined I would not have found that I had stage 2 Breast Cancer. There is no doubt that my outlook today would be much different. Men, especially with a history of family Breast Cancer be it female or male, should do periodic self-examinations and screenings.” – George Bagnall, Retired Police Captain
  • I am extremely excited to announce that we have finally completed our groundbreaking research at MSKCC on male breast cancer which was funded by the Judah Gubbay Memorial Trust. This study was the first significant one on the differences between breast cancer in men and women and was conducted by Mahmoud B. El-Tamer, MD, Jorge S. Reis-Filho, MD, PhD, FRCPath, Clifford A. Hudis, MD, Andrew D. Seidman, MD.
  • Our next research project will be conducted by Ayca Gucalp, MD and Tiffany Traina, MD.  The primary objectives are to characterize the underlying biology that drives the development and progression of male breast cancer. We have raised a total of $22,000 towards our goal of $60,000. If you would like to be a part of this incredible research project Donate here.
  • Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week, the third week in October, during the Breast Cancer month of October, was an idea originally conceived by Joe and Cathy Reid. After her husband’s death, Cathy continued the initiative with Brandon Greening (who has since passed away) and now Herb Wagner. My colleague, Cheri Ambrose, has been making amazing wins going state by state. To date, close to 50 states participate.
  • Montreal based jewelry designer, Nassrine Dayani, has created a beautiful collection of pink and blue jewelry for the Blue Wave and has offered to share the profits with the Judah Gubbay Memorial Trust at MSKCC. If you are interested or would like to see the complete collection please contact us.
  • We have snowshoed at the Komen Romp & Stomp in Vernon, NJ, we have run in our Blue Wave t-shirts and blue and pink tutus at Komen races in NYC and NJ, and walked at the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. We go to school and community Wellness Fairs. We even had a Father’s Day Pilates fundraiser.  Join us at our next event.
  • We are working with the Komen foundation (Headquarters and the North Jersey Affiliate) to increase MBC awareness. Cheri Ambrose and I have been named the Ambassadors of MBC at the Komen North Jersey Affiliate.
  • Creating breast cancer products with blue on them – wristbands, t-shirts, hats, pins, etc.
  • Working to get some blue on that pink ribbon.
  • We have teamed up with other MBC widows and survivors and are unifying & consolidating efforts.
  • At  the Wellness Fairs, we collect printed paper ribbons decorated by the students and attendees with pink and blue pencils and a personal message of caring and hope. These are distributed to men and women at the Breast Center at MSKCC.
  • Aiming to work with AMA to get GP’s to discuss MBC with male patients annually.
  • Aiming to get the MBC theme into film and TV and social media to give it more voice.